No Comment, Please

I ❤️ WeRateDogs™. I would probably leave Mr. Pennington for WeRateDogs™.


Like Blaze, I have no officially comment, but a whole lot I would like you to notice on my me-me-me blog.

I am experimenting with allowing comments. Since I do not read my blog, I probably would benefit from feedback from y’all who do. I hope this does not end up driving me crazy. But this is the internet, so it will. 

My blog already annoys me plenty. I love it. I hate it. I don’t care if anyone likes it. It takes too much time. I really enjoy putting it together. Don’t I have anything better to do? 

Pajamas by J. Crew. 

Pajamas by J. Crew. 

Sometimes I lie in bed at night and cringe over my self-revealing. Torture! And you should read what is sitting here, unpublished.

But that is the fun of the age we live in. The reality show. The selfie. The electronic communication. The self-confessing. And it is totally fun. Such an interesting way of getting to know someone. I have made great friends because my blog is here.

I am all for free speech.

When you say what you think out loud or with your fingers on the internet, you can learn about what a unkind, intolerant, insecure person you are, who projects your emotional pain and life disappointments onto others because for sure name calling, accusing others of causing your suffering and criticizing people electronically solves everything, especially your own life.

I do not mean you, of course.

But if I may be honest, the thing I am most concerned about is comments from My People. The truth is we are so cranky and sick, it can be difficult and downright annoying to try to get through to someone with EDS. I am speaking of myself, of course, someone who spent most her life too sick to think.  

I have been to learning conferences for Ehlers-Danlos. The lovely doctors who see lots of us will only drop vague hints about the cognitive impairments we have. No one of them is cruel enough to say it outright to our faces. Dr. Bulbena observed it is the opposite, we are cognitively enhanced because we have to be so clever to get anything done and we try harder than anyone! Awww, what a considerate take on our suffering, and absolutely the truth. I love him. Dr. Chopra remarked that we are some of the kindest most intelligent people he has ever met. Awww, shucks.

My life experience with EDS has lead me to conclude:

The diminished cognitive function in Ehlers-Danlos is not from the postural orthostatic tachycardia, not the mast cell activation, not the food intolerances, not myalgic encephalitis, not the pain meds, not the chronic fatigue, not the sleep deprivation, not the pain. None of this helping, of course, but in my opinion on having been an idiot who is very out-of-it is that

this is a feature of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

In the Age of Sail half of all sailors on long voyages died a horrible death of scurvy, and no one knew why. It is noted in the observations of the dying sailors that 

someone with scurvy cannot think clearly

No comment, please.