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Intelligent conversation about Ehlers-Danlos is welcome here.

I have made a huge effort to explain my treatment thoroughly (and to make you laugh as that is very good for health), so please search my blog before writing to me. Then write to me and I will make sure my blog is clearer. I am an authority on my opinions and my experience of life severely affected by Ehlers-Danlos, how I got much better, and what I am up to now. This is what I can answer best: me-me-me!

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Turning on comments.

One question I get often is:

“How do I get a doctor to prescribe Ascor?”

It will take a medical doctor of any speciality with enough brainpower left at the end of a long day to read the Ascor drug facts and see how safe this drug is to try. Hey, maybe it could make your connective tissue stronger and alleviate many of your symptoms. It sure works on me. I have straight up, horrible, life-ruining hEDS. Now I am feeling much better, and life is way more fun. Healing took time and lots of exercise to stimulate collagen repair. When I inject C, I can exercise frequently and recover. Yay!

If you do not know any doctors who are not burnt out, try contacting McGuff Pharmaceuticals and ask if they can refer you to a doctor they sell Ascor to in your area.

If you are in Los Angeles or want to make a trip here for a medical appointment, you can see one of my favorites, Dr. Gabriel Niles.

Dr. Niles and me.

There are plenty of forums to be thoroughly negative and a complete downer about Ehlers-Danlos on the internet, so no need to host that here. If that is your thing, you may want to contemplate what a burden you are to the doctors and others in your life who are trying to help you. Ouch!

Here’s a thought: try being the patient the doctor is happy to walk into the room to see. Watch what happens in the level of care you get. They might find the energy to go the extra mile for you if you are not wearing them down with your anguish. Life is unfair and EDS sucks. Don’t burn people out who are available to help you by driving that point home at every opportunity. Maybe my blog could even help you.

To save time and bandwidth on Squarespace, I will respond to any comments that can be distilled to “Hey, why’d you write that!” only once and that is here.

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Until next post, Happy Holidays, from me and my other favorite person who does not give a f*ck.

Dr. Plance is the person who started injecting me with C many years ago, just trying to help me heal a little. Instead I healed a lot.


Dr. Plance and me.

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