You’re Going to Make It, Dummy!

It is important to encourage oneself with positive affirmations.

You’re going to make it, Dummy!

CPR class at Beverly Hills CRP

CPR class at Beverly Hills CRP

Hang in there, Dummy!

Stay with me, Dummy!

You are going to make it, Dummy!

I always try to stay positive. 

And be honest. Ugliness is coming up on my blog, trickling in on some future posts. I cannot avoid it. Life is a dirty business. You are welcome to tune out, Dummy. 

But amazing news is coming, too. This year has been extraordinary. You may want to tune in more closely.

I have so many posts drafted (what am I talking about?), I will publish 10:00 a.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays until I found something better to do with my time. The backlog is getting too big. Life must go on.