Posture Help


This the foundation of all my exercise, how I move and live, probably the best book on posture ever written.

instructions on using all joints: hips, knees, shoulders, feet.


As a professor of spine biomechanics, Dr. stuart mcgill knows things surgeons do not.


such a fantastic book, by a functional podiatrist, with unique, stimulating techniques to improve balance and stability.

heal your body with your own stem cell generated through fasting


workout like a man

great workouts, nice layout, clear pictures, variety of equipment


DVD demonstrations of techniques in the 8 Steps book


this cushions teaches you to balance your head atop your neck properly, without strain 


this device strengthens the muscles that stabilize the spine without loading the spine

encourages healthy shoulder and hip moves that translate into life

find someone trained by TRx to teach you how to use it

vibration training stimulates muscle activation, collagen repair, bone strengthening, balance

another great tool for building core strength and bone density

light dumbbells engage small muscles, many reps with light weights builds muscle endurance. I like 4 lb hand weights. i work big muscles with trx or bodyweight exercise.

excellent set of dumbbell exercises

Da Vinci Imports

put on ankle weights while walking to build leg strength and bone density 

exercise using the weight of your own body

vibration training stimulates collagen repair

nice set of kettlebell exercises

spend little time exercising for maximum results

Reducing Pain

very interesting and effective meditations for pain relief

we are chronically salt depleted people

salt affects so much, including bone and joint health

14 lb weighted blanket knocks me into a deep sleep. joints may need some time to adjust to it.

side sleeper? i tuck this under my ribcage to take pressure off my shoulder