Apologia and Apology to The Mighty

The Mighty ran a blog post of mine re-titled Why I Contemplated ‘Ending It All’ After My Diagnosis. The original post was Ocean Swim.

The Mighty ran it even after I made sure the editor knew about my unkind post about The Mighty. This makes The Mighty classier than I am.



a formal written defense of one's opinions or conduct.

My obnoxious post about The Mighty was really about my attitude about my disability. Poking fun at The Mighty was my artistic vehicle.



a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure. synonyms: expression of regret, one's regrets "I owe you an apology"

My apologies to everyone who has written for The Mighty and everyone who reads The Mighty.

And a confession...

I actually do read The Mighty, but only the topic of Borderline Personality Disorder because my mother had that, which was unfortunate.

I have read posts there that ripped my heart out.