My Day At Work

Editors Note:

This post started as a script of giving myself a C shot at night at home.

While it was queued up and waiting to post, I stumbled upon a way to make a C shot practically painless (or at least not burn and hurt way less!), only six years after doing them daily. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh well. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was about to call Clay Hammett, my favorite pharmacist at McGuff Pharmaceuticals to tell him, but I stopped myself. Better to e-mail him my post about how, just to get one more page view. Stay tuned. It’s coming soon.

Since I had already taken so much time to write this script, format it in Scrivener, export it to Word, convert it to a PDF, re-save it as two JPEGs, insert it as two SquareSpace posters, I simply have to post it, even though it is now, officially, my former painful procedure for self-injection.

Why did I continue to inject myself with Vitamin C when it hurts so much?

Because slowly, over time, the quality of my collagen improved, and I came back to life. Except not exactly, because I came back to life much much better than I had ever been. 🙏

Injecting Vitamin C as a treatment for hEDS? Yes.

This is not so unbelievable…

A gene is a chemical code.

Human genes multi-task. In a human, one gene may do many things. Not so in a goldfish or grain of rice, simpler life forms with genes that function more simplistically. Interesting, huh?

In a human, when an important gene codes for something harmful (deleterious mutation), the result is not one problem. The result is a big complicated mess of many problems that seem unrelated.

Injecting Ascor gives my body the material to make much stronger (although still stretchy) connective tissue.

Ascor also gives me widespread relief from all my rotten Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome symptoms. Yay!

Vitamin C is a catalyst for a countless processes in the human body, in addition to collagen synthesis. It is like so important.

I continue to inject Ascor everyday.

This massive turnaround in my health came from frequent injections Ascor for Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I did not improve from oral C. Why? Let’s guess.

It is known that there is a limit to how much C can be absorbed by the human digestive tract. I can conclude that however much Vitamin C I eat, it is not enough.

Let me further posit that:

The harmful gene responsible for the disaster of hEDS causes a failure to metabolize Vitamin C properly.

C loading by injection gets around this error in metabolism.

- my theory

My improvements are profound, totally beyond my wildest dreams.

On daily injected Ascor, I am not normal, but I am close. I heal. I recover. I sleep. I build muscle. I am strong. I have endurance. I got off all pain meds. I never crash. I am still flimsy and a bit delicate. I must take care to use my joints intelligently and extra precautions with my extremely flexible spine. I went back to work. I got a life. I became un-disabled. Everyday I get to do what I want.

May I share with you what I did today?

I went to work. Yes, all this mileage is from my day at work.

This is an average day of work for me. Me, who spent my life unable to function after age 14 due to crushing fatigue, soft tissue burning and aches, brain fog and debilitating joint pain.

Today I walked 4.2 miles at work, had fun, looked good, got paid to do it and came home pleasantly worn out, ready to sit and relax in front of my iMac and write to you.❤️

I couldn’t even do that as a teenager or young adult.

Oh yes, I do this much activity on cement floors in cute shoes.

Remember, Kids, injecting Vitamin C (later the drug Ascor) was not an instant fix. Healing took time. I was a very very sick EDSer.

Ascor alone did not fix me. I had to get strong. Exercise was hard when I was so weak. I persisted. Because of Ascor I could persist at exercise. Now I exercise all the time. We must make the most of using our muscles to stabilize our joints. Surgeries and braces never will stabilize us as well as we can, and they cause more problems.

Other critical parts of my management of hEDS.

I salt load to keep blood pressure up. I dump it on al my food. I put a tiny pinch in all the water I drink. Yum. Without it I am chronically dehydrated, dizzy and fatigued.

Naltrexone has healed my brain from a lifetime of pain overload. Naltrexone blocks the opiate receptors briefly, stimulating and strengthening the brain. It is an amazing drug. I started it at 0.2 mg. I noticed that after I got used to it (takes a while, it is a powerful drug), more was better. Now I take 50 mg of naltrexone twice per day (it has a short half-life). Why so much? My endocrinologist recommended that dose, that’s where he sees good results.

I have to go now.

I have a lot to do tonight before I get up and go to work again tomorrow. Including pick out my shoes.

Please send an honorary medical degree to lessflexible at gmail dot com. Thanks.

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