Visiting McGuff Pharmacy

I needed more injectable C. Time to get my first prescription for Ascor. Hooray! Injectable ascribe acid is now an FDA approved, brand name drug! Yay!

No longer a compounded product, it has a very long shelf life. Yay! Insurance might cover it. Yay!


I went down to McGuff Compounding Pharmacy, in beautiful Santa Ana, California, to pick my Ascor up myself. I love any reason to go to Orange County.

I have been buying their products, talking to their staff, asking their pharmacists for advice for many years. Yet I had never been.

I ordered enough injectable C to last almost two years. Prescription required

My health insurance did not pay for my Ascor. Grrrrrr! They got me on the clause that they do not have to pay for it if I buy it from the manufacturer. I had called many pharmacies in Los Angeles, but none had a wholesaler who could get it because it is so new. Nonetheless, my insurance would not budge. Darn!

I packed it in an insulated bag with cold packs, along with my favorite Ikea frozen bread I had just bought nearby and headed home. I had just enjoyed pancakes and eggs at Ikea with my EDS friend Erin ❤️ before. (Please click on the link and read Erin’s story.)

Bag full of goodness.

Bag full of goodness.

This is 20 bottles of Ascor, about $600 of injectable ascorbic acid. I love having so much around. Makes me feel safe. And happy. This will last almost two years at the rate I use it. I might be just fine injecting less, but since I am doing so well and not having side-effects, why would I mess with my dose? No thanks.

Box full of happiness.

Box full of happiness.

Heat and light will degrade the C, causing it lose potency.

To store it well, I wrapped some in a goodie bag from a Cathay Pacific that Mr. Pennington took to India. The rest I put in gelato containers I am not currently using for gelato. Then I tucked them all away in the door of the refrigerator, not the back or bottom where it might freeze. The door is warmer than the bottom or back of the fridge. Do not let Ascor freeze!

More on my blog about prescribing and injecting ascorbic acid here.

Recently, the kind folks at McGuff compoudned another drug I have never tried before:

Low Dose Naltrexone


What is this? COMPLETLEY AWESOME! I will tell you about!