My Traveling Workout

I ❤️ Fritos and champagne. Ooooh, in-flight internet access. Take me anywhere!

Hmmmm... Genetically engineered. Is that why they taste so good?

Let’s go to Chicago!


Why there is no Real Housewives of Chicago? Chicago is so fabulous. I would like to live here, except for the winter part.


Mr. Pennington wants to see a baseball game in every major league ballpark in the country. Cross this one off the list.


I have two heel spurs, old injuries from my days of inactivity, and in the same foot—ouch! I could only average 6 miles of walking per day on this trip. Usually it is around 10 miles per day on vacation. I am on vacation, after all. I love to walk forever, after spending so much of my life hardly able to get across my apartment.

chicago mileage.png

How is it can walk so much with deformed legs and feet and Ehlers-Danlos? This lovely book taught me how. I never pass up a flight of stairs, either. I have no knee pain doing stairs.

Messages Image(59008963).png

Full length compression keep swelling out of my foot. Slightly uncomfortable in the heat, but whatever. I love my granny hose. Time for ice. 


Meet My Traveling Workout

Walking is not enough. I must keep my arms and back strong. 

I travel with bands, gliders and my own body weight, which is a little up these days.

It took time for the collagen in my body to respond, repair and tolerate these modalities easily. I found bands to be the hardest. They stress connective tissue in unique ways, and I am very flimsy.

Baby steps. Keep trying. You can do it, but maybe only if you inject C? If you are me, then yes.

My body does not respond to exercise with healing and repair and ultimately strengthening of muscle and tissue unless I inject ascorbic acid on the regular.

Oral C did not do this for me.


I keep my workouts tough and short, around 10 minutes, especially when I am on vacation. You would never find me in a hotel gym. Who has the time to waste? This is vacation.

At home, I exercise first thing when I get up. Push ups right out of bed make you feel like a real man.

Even at home I usually only exercise 15 minutes. Not much more is needed.  Maybe once per week I really blow it out with my weights and kettlebells and make myself super sore because it is fun to be strong. With all this injected C, I recover quickly. I do not even get very sore anymore.

Every time I get my heart racing, I take a break and do something else until it comes down. That is the most efficient way to condition your cardiovascular system. By the time my workout is done, I have made the bed, picked out my outift, caught up on my Facebook and made a coffee. 

Let’s Get to Work!

Then a pilgrimage to the Apple Store, of course. Mr. Pennington also wants to see all of them. The downtown Chicago location is a work of art.


Comic Con 2018

My Comic Con Workout

By the pool, where it is pretty. I would never go to a hotel gym. Such ugly rooms, usually with musty smells.

Enjoying ice and a swim after The Show. Heel still injured. We drove to San Diego this year, instead of taking the Amtrak Surfliner from LA, so I could bring my bucket to ice my foot and my giant pillow for sleeping with my foot elevated. But I highly recommend the Surfliner.

I used a cane and an ankle brace to navigate Comicon. Some people were actually courteous toward me. Many were not. We live in times of terrible manners.

I found time for a half mile swim in La Jolla Cove with the seals. The water was warm and beautiful. The seals were stinky.

Then champagne and foot on ice by the pool, before we drove home.