My Weight Routine

I love being strong.

Working out at The W Hotel in Bellevue.

Working out at The W Hotel in Bellevue.

Five pounds were the lightest in this gym. Many reps with light weights builds endurance into muscles. Muscles with endurance stabilize joints.

Dumb Deck.jpg

Cheat cards for dumbbells.

Remember, posture is everything.

Protect your joints from damage by using them well. Limit strain and limit pain. This book is the foundation of my exercise and my movements in life.

Lifting weights is fast, fun, effective exercise. I have this poster in my exercise room at home.

dumbbell poster.jpg

Framed and on my wall.


I love light weights!

I take a tiny dose of naltrexone before a weight workout, so I get an extra endorphin rush. On this day I took .2 mg, an ultra low dose. Natrexone briefly blocks the opiate receptors, which is highly stimulating to the brain and causes a cascade of healing. I love endorphins! And healing my brain. This drug is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

liquid naltrexone.gif

Compounded by my favorite pharmacy, McGuff.

Or just dissolve the big pills in water. My insurance will pay for the manufactured pills, not the compounded formula. One 50 mg pill in 50 ml of water makes a strength of 1 mg per ml. No beaker needed, the orange bottle has measurement marks on it.

You can get the plastic bottle, dropper bottle, and marked dropper on Amazon.

I lift weights often at home, depending on whatever other exercise I am doing.

These days I have been swimming in the ocean and running on the beach. The ocean is so cold now that it is November, every week I fantasize about quitting. Brrrrrrr.

I have also been going to a gym where they have exercise classes taught by physical therapists, so no one yells at me when I say there is a move I cannot do because I am globally hypermobile! They just help me modify. Then they pack my leg in ice.

You will find me lifting my free weights in my gym at home for 15 minutes every other day or so, just to make sure I am staying strong all over. It takes so little time, and what reward! Being able to carry anything I want is important to quality of life, no? Normal people take this for granted. It is a major accomplishment if you were born flimsy like me. Plus I love it.

Let’s gif it up!

And a little of training Mr. Pennington.

Does he have beautiful joints! I am so envious.