Happy Thanksgiving 2018

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Hello, all you turkeys!

Let’s Hear It For Traditions!

Since time immemorial, Mr. Pennington has been making our Thanksgiving desserts.

Mr. Pennington’s ambitious creations.

Mr. Pennington’s ambitious creations.

I used to bake along with him, but back then, it hurt my neck and arms so much, I quickly let him take over. Besides, two bakers and no one in charge of cleaning up did not work. Organizing him, keeping the dirties cycling through the dishwasher and wiping flour off counters was better for our marriage.


2018 Thanksgiving Baking

Mr. Pennington is a designer, so he likes to hit it out of the park artistically. But since his professional work is virtual, he can mis-estimate what it takes to pull something off in the physical realm. To make it worse, as a Sagittarius, he dreams too big. You know who else is a Sagittarius? My other favorite person, Dr. Plance. I love riding the wave of Sagittarius’ grand vision. My talent is getting their talents focused. Dr. Plance always thought I could I have a better life, and all I had to do was corral him a little to get it.


Dr. Plance, my other favorite Sagittarius

My job, I figured out years ago, is to reign Mr. Pennington in before he starts baking.

I don’t enjoy all-nighters of trying to fix a dessert, total re-dos or starting over with a new recipe. I don’t like hearing his string of swearing from the kitchen. He gets unstoppably caught-up in the project, ignores the pain of dessert disasters, and somehow thinks this is exercise in masochism is fun. But I say, let’s just plan what it will take to get this year’s baking done right and get to bed, already!

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Happy baker.

Starting many years ago, when Mr. Pennington would ask my opinion on recipes, I would recommend whatever was simplest and seemed like it would work. Have you noticed certain cookbook authors are so fabulous their recipes fail, Nick Malgeri? That was especially true before there were recipes on the internet. 🤬🤬🤬

I would encourage Mr. Pennington to make what he has made before, stir him away from complex recipes, and do my best to talk him out of anything with candy-making steps requiring a thermometer. Just protecting my spouse from himself.

This tradition went on for years. As a clever Aries, I put my ram horns on only when necessary.

I thought what I was doing was obvious. When I flat-out told Mr. Pennington I had been steering him towards desserts that would be easiest for years, his feelings were truly hurt. (sigh) Sagittarius drama!

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Mr. Pennington goes overboard, making several types of whipped cream.

I love sugar!

Even though we have been together since last century, every year Mr. Pennington forgets that I LOVE SUGAR! and he puts bowls in soapy water before offering them to me to lick. Then we almost get divorced. Thanksgiving tradition.

My Other Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

Rolling around on the floor and getting all the dawg love that I can.

Our 2018 Thanksgiving Desserts

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Our Favorites

Dawg Love of Thanksgivings Past