My AP Going Psycho

Psycho  - Post Malone featuring Ty Dolla $ign

Written by: 
Austin Richard Post
Carl Austin Rosen
Louis Bell Tyrone
William Griffin
© Universal Music Publishing Group,Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.

Interpretation by:
Madora Pennington
© LessFlexible, all rights reserved

I enacted my favorite game “Call of Duty” in the music video so you would not know what the song is about.

Damn, my AP goin’ psycho
Lil’ mama bad like Michael

Check out my awesome Audemars Pigeut watch! It is Michael Jackson Bad.

Can’t really trust nobody
With all this jewelry on you

You attract nothing but fake friends and thieves when you flaunt your wealth like this.

My roof look like a no-show
Got diamonds by the boatload
Come with the Tony Romos
he clowns and all the bozos
Hey, want to come over to my house and see all the idiots, losers, and hanger-on-ers I have to deal with? Also the people who fuck everything up when it really really matters. I am not saying you are one of them. You will be impressed by my extreme wealth, too.

Don’t act like you my friend
When I’m rollin’ through my end zone

Do not pretend we are friends. I am defending my home turf like a football player. That is American football, not soccer.

Note: Post Malone currently resides in the upscale community of Tarzana, which is adjacent to the Kardashian ‘hood of Calabasas and the Jackson Family compound in Encino. So do watch yourself when you visit the West Valley.

You stuck in the friend zone
I tell that four-five the fifth
I am not going to be anything except friends with her, but I won’t slut-shame her to her face, gentleman that I am. She says she has had sex with only four or five guys in her life, but I heard it is many times that. 

Hundred bands inside my shorts
DeChino’s the shit
Try to stuff it all in
But it don’t even fit

This $10,000 cash will not fit in my pockets even if I try super hard to stuff it in. Hey, I am still the same guy who made that funny video when I was in high school. You’ve seen it, right?

Know that I been wit’ this shit
Ever since a jit

Yep, my talent was evident way back then.

I made my first million
I’m like, “Shit, this is it!”

Then one day I earned $1,000,000. I knew it would happen.

30 for a walkthrough
Man, we had every slit
I fondly remember the first time I got $30,000 for a club appearance fee. As if that were not enough, every woman in that club wanted me. 

Had so many bottles
Gave ugly girl a sip

The club owner gave us free booze. We had so much, I even shared some with the homely ladies, gentleman that I am.

Out the window of the Benzo
We can send in the rent
Nowadays, to pay my rent, I simply shove cash at my landlord from behind the wheel of my Mercedes. More convenient.

And I’m like whoa
Man, my neck so goddamn cold

Me with ice pack on my neck. Different meaning.

Me with ice pack on my neck. Different meaning.

Diamonds weigh
My teeth is sore

Big problem: The huge diamonds on my necklace and my gold teeth are making my neck cold and my teeth hurt.

I got homies
Let it blow

With the support of my real friends, you cannot mess with me, and I can get through anything.

My money thick, won’t ever fold
She said, “Can I have some to hold?”

And I can’t ever tell her no
I walk around with so much cash, I cannot store it properly in a wallet. Hence, I never say no when my woman asks for some. I need the help.

Fake Rolex. Fake diamonds. Wassup LA!!!!!

Fake Rolex. Fake diamonds. Wassup LA!!!!!

My Rollie goin’ brazy
Check out my awesome Rolex watch! Now you know I am a Blood not a Crip because I changed “crazy” to “brazy.”

I’m hittin’ lil’ mama
She wanna have my babies

This woman I am having sex with is hoping I get her pregnant. Being so rich that all the ladies are after me is awesome.

Fifty on the panky
Chain so stanky

I have 50 carats of diamonds on this ring here on my pinky finger, see? My necklace is so obnoxiously ostentatious that everyone makes a stinky face expression when they look at me. Yeah!!

You should see my whip
Check out my Mercedes.

Promise I can take yo’ bitch Dolla ridin’
n my old school Chevy
It’s a drop top

I can easily get your girlfriend to have sex with me in my classic convertible Chevy, because I am Ty Dolla $ign.

Boolin’ with a thot-thot
She gon’ give me top-top

But now, I am relaxing with the sexy lady who texted me unsolicited nude selfies. She is about to give me a blow job. Reminder: I am a Blood not a Crip. “Booling” is how you chill with a Blood. We couldn’t use “billing” because that is a real word. So, we went with “cooling” to “booling.” Got it? 

Just one switch
I can make her ass drop

With just any one of my amazing moves, she will have sex with me. They all do. I am Ty Dolla $ign after all.

Take you to the smoke shop
We gon’ get high

The fun won’t stop there. Let’s go to the smoke shop and get high.

Rolling thru my end zone.

Rolling thru my end zone.

We gon’ hit Rodeo
Then I will take you to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Dial up Valentino
Where we will go shopping at Valentino. They totally know Ty Dolla $ign there.

Valentino, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills 

Valentino, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills 

We gon' hit Pico
Then I will drive you south out of Beverly Hills and make a left on Pico.

Running red light at Pico and Crenshaw. Hood driving.

Running red light at Pico and Crenshaw. Hood driving.

Take you where I’m from
Take you to the slums

We are heading toward the slums of LA, where everyone knows what this song means, and what idiot needs a translation on the internet? I am still proud of who I am and where I came from. You should know more about me after that blow job. I hope those luxury goods I just bought you on Rodeo Drive express my thanks for that.

This ain’t happen overnight, no
These diamonds real bright

Success did not come easy for me. But now I am so rich, it is awesome. 

Saint Laurent jeans
I wear super-expensive YSL jeans.

Boatload of tourists in a drop-top in Beverly Hills.

Boatload of tourists in a drop-top in Beverly Hills.

Still in my Vans though
But you can be sure I am still down to earth and real, in my affordable Vans shoes.

All VVSs, put you in a necklace
Want to try on this necklace made of only the highest quality diamonds? Thanks again for that blow job.

Girl, you look beautiful tonight
Stars on the boulevard

Matching with the jewels
Hey, that necklace sparkles like the glassphaltGirl, you look so beautiful!

Psycho lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group,Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC. Interpretation ©  LessFlexible, all rights reserved.

That was a lot like trying to understand Japanese. My brain is exhausted.

Read my first post about Psycho, perhaps the greatest song ever written, a true lyrical and musical masterpiece. No endorsement of content of the song here, folks. 

You should have seen me, walking Rodeo like an idiot with my iPhone mounted on my Glif, among  the crazy rich Asians, the Saudi princesses, and the tourists.

I stopped for a hot dog at Midtown Crossing. The hot dogs are Lowe’s are better than the ones at Dodger Stadium, which are better than the ones at Ikea.


But nothing beats Pink’s or a street dog.

Boolin’ at Pink’s at 2 am in January.

Boolin’ at Pink’s at 2 am in January.

Then, I almost got run over crossing Pico at Crenshaw. 

Totally worth it.